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Quintus C. Hegie, MSc

"Chance favours the prepared mind…"

Econometrician / Management Scientist – with a flavour of ICT-expertise

Quintus Hegie (that's me!)
Analytics, Business and Computer Science

Turn business data into real results

Don't predict future sales, but calculate conversion attribution. Use human behavioural facts to your advantage, by analysing what's really going on in the mind of your customers. This gives you the insight to strategically choose better automated mass marketing vehicles.

Your management team makes better business decisions with confidence.

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Formula for success

Mainly in the area of the sales & marketing of business / consumer finance and logistic/operational improvement, using my simple formula:

Big Business Targets × Scalable Enterprise Technology × Fact-Based Continuous Improvement = Lasting Enterprise Success

I'm always eager to adopt the best media technology and innovative approaches in getting results for your business or enterprise, and help you and your colleagues adopt those winning technologies and approaches too.

With an Agile/Scrum, iterative and scientific method in Business Analytics of Online Marketing and Digital Strategy, I'm here to help your company out in getting and keeping customers to buy financial products.

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Media appearances

As seen on Dutch TV, as heard on Dutch Radio, as read in several Dutch newspapers and magazines.

Vastgoed Actueel
Vastgoed Actueel - Oplossing voor de haperende woningmarkt
"Breakthroughs are never achieved alone but in co-operation with the best team"


  • MSc Econometrics & Management Science (graduated 2006)
    Minor Quantitative Logistics and Operational Research
    Master's Thesis: Commercials and Measurements

    Master's Thesis: Commercials and Measurements
  • BSc Econometrie & Besliskunde (completed 2004)
    Bachelor's Thesis: Movie Scheduling

    Bachelor's Thesis: Movie Scheduling
"Stay curious and never refuse to stop learning"


Proudly serving society since 1995 and as a Business Professional since 2006.

"Love your work!"

Groups & associations

"In the end, it's the people that matter"


NL Dutch (native), ENGB English (good), DE German (intermediate)

Technology skills

Computer use:
Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, Visio, Powerpoint, Exchange), Microsoft Windows Server, Google Apps, Eclipse IDE, Paint(.NET), Inkscape, Adobe Premiere, MySQL Workbench, FileZilla FTP Client/Server
Computer programming (computational, web/online, dashboards, games):
MATLAB, (Visual) Basic / C++, Java, Excel VBA, PHP & MySQL, (X)HTML5, CSS3, CSV, MVC, OOP, XML, JSON/SOAP/REST/API, Javascript (Phaser, BabylonJS)
Data science / statistical analysis:
IBM CPLEX Optimizer, GAMS, EViews, SPSS, R, SAS (CI Studio, Enterprise Guide, Enteprise Miner, Model Manager), Teradata SQL
Digital marketing:
SEA (Google AdWords, Microsoft BingAds, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Google DoubleClick), SEO (Google Analytics, Adobe Marketing Cloud (Omniture), Google Webmastertools and proprietary custom made tools), OAuth 2.0
Itching interest in:
C#/.NET, SAP, MicroStrategy & other BI-software solutions


Krav Maga, Argentine Tango, Coaching/Hypnosis, Reading/Writing, Theatre/Arts, Movies/Documentaries, Travel/CouchSurfing (not all at the same time, though)

Upcoming Book

Upcoming Book: DiceWise - How to Choose Better


How to Choose Better

Corporates use Big Data and Predictive Analytics to make better decisions.

What strategy do you use to get the most results?

Upcoming book on how to use probability and chance to your favour.

Whether for personal or business success.

Hint: Looking for more great books for your professional library? Check out my reading list.


Testimonial from Zanox Benelux B.V.

List of recommendations & testimonials

Company suggestions

I've personally worked with, consulted for, or visited the following companies that employ econometricians. In short, these companies are within my positive referral network and I'd recommend these companies to you:

Quantitative Logistics & Operations Research

  • Ab-Ovo
  • Fox-IT (Security)
  • Lynxx
  • NS
  • Quintiq

Quantitative Finance & Risk Management

  • Eneco
  • ING IM
  • Nationale Nederlanden
  • Rabobank

All-Round Econometrics & Data Science

  • Accenture
  • Atos
  • Capgemini
  • Veneficus

Quantitative Marketing & Business Analytics

  • Achmea
  • Bol.com
  • C-motions
  • MI Company
  • Newcraft Group
  • Objective Partners
  • ORTEC Marketing
  • Pointlogic
  • Rotterdam School of Management
  • RTL Nederland
  • TNT
  • Wehkamp.nl

Reading list

If you are looking for a good (educational) book to read or video to watch, I would suggest you to pick one of the following:

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NLRotterdam area, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands

Dutch Chamber of Commerce #24444245

Available for: Get back in touch, New business opportunities, Joint ventures, Employment positions, Research and project assignments, Speaking/presenting at events and conferences