The setup of this book

In this book, I'll be handling the main topic of data driven Customer Journeys within the application of retail and small business marketing. And I'll be sharing with you insights and ideas from sidetracks related to Customer Journeys, so you'll get a broader view and understanding of the successful use of Customer Journeys within the context of your organization. Finally, I'll train you on the data driven key points to pay attention to, so you'll guaranteed become a top-3 company in your market niche.

Some chapters will be more overall and general, while other chapters may go more in depth. Don't be intimidated if a certain section is too far away from your daily work environment. If some basic math is not your thing, skip it. Or if you love to dive further in neuromarketing, go explore in depth topics not covered in this book yourself online.

  1. Part I: The Idea

    In Part I: The Idea you'll get to learn about the concept of Customer Journeys. You'll read some theories, discover about the 'main goal' and learn about basic terminology. I bet this will be of great help to you, so you understand why I've chosen for a particular approach.

  2. Part II: The Execution

    In Part II: The Execution I'll provide you with a more practical, business fitted solution on using the power of Customer Journeys to start improving repeated sales and customers relationships in practice.

  3. Part III: The Mastery

    In Part III: The Mastery I'll finish with the advanced topics to take Customer Journey to the standard way of working within your company, such that your team will be able to train others too in the mindset and the practice.

This book can be read by entrepreneurs, or by managers as well as by specialists. You'll be guided enough to translate the lessons to practical implementations within your company. Whether that be pivoting your marketing department, hiring new people, or building a new marketing automation platform.