Who should read this book

Hi there,

Are you one of those people that think:

  • 'Argh… How do I make a campaign that will work out successfully?'
  • 'Why are my customers responding to this campaign, but not to that campaign?'
  • 'Somewhere along the line I'm not getting my customers to where I want them to be.'
  • 'How can I make sense out of all those customer interactions?'
  • 'I feel I'm doing something right with my marketing, but what?'

Then I bet this book Successful retail marketing with customer journey analytics is for you.

You know, I've been curious about how things work and how to make those things work for me for all my life. Particularly I am interested in things that I want, but don't yet fully understand or comprehend. In essence, I'm trying to make sense out of my life and learning the tools and tricks to get the things I want in life. And I happen to be in the business of data driven marketing: helping people like me - consumers - make better buying decisions.

But as you know, the most fulfilling parts from life come from working together with other people and having other people assist you in what you want in life. So even when you can make sense out of 'things', you still have to make sense out of 'people' AND have them align with your goals and objectives.

For businesses - who build financial relationships with customers - that means acquiring and keeping customers. Why? Because customers buying your company's products and services repeatedly give your business the right to exist. So, while the purpose in your life may not be (only) financial, for commercial businesses they always are.

In your personal life, you face challenges that are often already been solved by other people. How to cook a meal? How to dress yourself? How to find a friend? How to raise a child? Nothing really special so far. And also the people you associate with you can control very well, so you're surrounded by like-minded and familiar persons.

For a business, and especially new businesses, the challenges faced are often much more unclear to solve. How on earth are you going to have your customer pay for your product or service, and let him or her feel good about it? Sure, you may have an idea, but don't mistake your prospects to be 'just like you'. In retail or small business marketing you will be dealing with lots and lots of people who come in various forms and shapes. Even people you will never understand. :-)

I've noticed that people in many companies have 'forgotten' that their job is to serve the prospect so he/she will become a customer, and keep servicing that customer to his/her satisfaction so he/she will stay a customer with repeat purchases. Yes, even when you work at the 'back office' department and don't have to deal with customers directly, your salary (or fee for that matter) is paid in the end by the customer.

The approach of the Customer Journey as a central part of your retail and small business marketing campaigns - and even for your whole business for that matter - really puts the (prospective) customer central in your organization. You will be able to serve customers better and make sales improve together with your colleagues and/or business partners, when you adopt the Customer Journey as a central strategy of your business.