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Codaisseur Demo Day Pedro & Quintus

Codaisseur Demo Day

Reference for graduating student Pedro (contest winner by the jury)

Pedro Abel Diaz Sanchez (contest winner by the jury)
Codaisseur Demo Day & Graduation for Class #26
Codaisseur, Amsterdam
August 1st, 2019
Motivation of Quintus to cast a vote on Pedro's work presented from the Hackathon

AMSTERDAM 20190801 - At the 'Codaisseur Demo Day' of today, student Pedro (left person on the picture) showed the audience the web application he developed related to the given theme of 'Stress'. He was chosen winner by the jury.

Before and after Pedro's presentation and graduation ceremony, there were other students showcasing their work from their 11 week training course in becoming a full stack web developer.

Afterwards the presentations, the audience democratically voted on the student presentations to choose a crowd favorite. Besides the crowd favorite, a 2nd winner that was chosen by the coding tutors themselves.

I, Quintus (right person on the picture), decided to vote for the web application that Pedro showcased in his 1 minute pitch. Within this short - and stressful - time frame of only 60 seconds, he was able to show me the key points that had me select his created work as my favorite vote:

  • After a short introduction about himself and his former working experience, Pedro started with a live interactive demo of the web front end he developed. Users could make and store notes of thought into a nicely styled journal. The notes were stored so they could be retrieved and consulted at a later time. So both the front end and back end were designed and working.

  • For each journal note that was stored, Pedro's application would start to analyze the user inputted text for mood extraction using an algorithm, and automatically give one or more emotional labels to each journal entry like 'sad', 'happy', 'stressed' and 'relieved'. So the web application also contained some intelligence to automatically enrich the user experience.

  • Finally, in a third front end tab the user could review some statistics and graphs about the journals made and labels given by the algorithm. That made a great starting point for getting the first actionable insights from the recorded and classified notes. This closes a feedback loop from user thoughts written down to first insights from data and maybe some first recommendations to reduce stress.

With Pedro's previous experience in criminology and volunteering for Youth at Risk, his ability to create a digital full stack (front and back end) interactive online tool and the component of data analysis, feature extraction and data visualization, I believe he combines 3 excellent talents that would make him fit for jobs like: smart software developer at digital forensics company, customer facing chat bot developer (with Natural Language Processing), cyber security/fraud data science analyst at financial institution.

About Quintus Hegie

Portrait Quintus C. Hegie, MSc (35) works as an econometrician/data scientist for major Dutch financial institutions. He is also director of a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) business investor company. In his spare time he develops the HTML5 3D VR Full Stack Javascript Web Game GeekTrains and acts as a alumni student coach at Het CoachCafé.