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Online Marketing Business Coaching

Quickly grow your business by building an online marketing presence that draws in an increasing amount of customers fast and steadily.

Whether you just started your company or are an existing business owner, you'll always be on the lookout for ways to get more buying customers, right?

Hi, my name is Quintus, and that's exactly what I help you achieve with my online marketing business coaching.

Like the many startup and small business entrepreneurs I meet, you also probably have a wonderful product or service for sure - but you still have that one big problem.

With my carefully developed and optimally tuned online marketing business coaching package, I'll help you in no-time up to quintuple the number of new customers and repeated purchases.

Read on how I do that for you, and how you can start your track to online marketing success (for some of you completely for FREE)!

What you'll learn and apply about online marketing for your business

To give you some ideas of what you'll learn and apply in order to get quintuple the number of new customers for your business, here's a non-limitative list of topics we go through together in the coaching sessions for entrepreneurs like you:

These insights and tips will be personalized for your particular business and market.

For startup entrepreneurs and small business owners

The content of the business coaching is especially targeted for:

Companies that have a product or service of high quality to offer that is aimed at a specific niche. You will need to make a good margin and not have the 'cheap-cheaper-cheapest' offering business model.

Your company can already have an online presence, or you are just starting out to build that online presence. It is optional to have a brick-and-mortar store, thus not required (online-only business is also OK).

Past coaching clients profiles and customer success stories

From selling digital products, to dropshipping, to retail stores and apps… Quintus has coached many types of companies.

Examples include:

90 Day Coaching Program to Online Marketing Success

The fast track to getting and keeping more customers via digital channels consists of the following setup:

This will all be as easy and comfortable as calling your best friend. Hell, allow me to be your business boosting coaching friend!

The online marketing business coaching program is personalised for you as the founder/entrepreneur and for your company.

One time investment with lasting customer growth results

When you apply the insights you get from the business coaching sessions, you'll probably more than earn back the one time investment multiple times before the end of the coaching program.

There are 2 packages available, which depend on your business phase:

Note: All prices are excluding taxes and excluding travel expenses (in case of physical company visit). Tax deductable payment upfront and in full.

Your investment will have an incredible positive Return on Investment (RoI). That's a complicated technical business term for that your turnover is expected to grow a lot during the coaching program already. Especially when you consider that the number of new customers and repeated purchases will reach a higher baseline when you keep applying the insights.

I'll coach you on creating the business processes and systems to do just that.

FREE Plan when you got a business loan microcredit

As part of my volunteering efforts I coach entrepeneurs who are financed by Qredits Microfinancing Netherlands completely for FREE.

All I ask in return is that you apply the insights you get from the program and write a testimonial afterwards.

Each year I have limited slots available for this FREE plan.

About business coach and serial entrepreneur Quintus

Your online marketing business coach Quintus knows from his own experience what you go through as an entrepeneur in order to get customers through online channels.

He'll be the excellent go-to-guy for you when you want to start utilizing the power of having an online business presence and growing that for more sales and returning customers.

So far Quintus has (co)founded several companies himself, with various degrees of success.

  1. A dating advice for men coaching company

  2. A data consultancy company

  3. A national mortgage advice company for first home buyers

  4. A car dashcam company

  5. A national startup funding advice company

  6. A sales intelligence startup company

  7. … and this entrepeneurial track record keeps growing

Some went very, very well, and others unfortunately didn't fly that much. Therefore he can share with you the things that do work, and the things that won't work when dealing with online marketing & sales channels.

In all of these companies Quintus focussed on utilizing online sales & marketing channels to systematically draw in new customers and boost repeated sales from existing customers.

Besides founding and launching startups, Quintus has also completed projects for various big brand corporations that directly or indirectly boost revenue and sales. And Quintus keeps investing into companies by means of providing (co)funding/financing.

But don't trust his word for it. Read the vast amount of testimonials and discover for yourself why you'd choose for a business coach like him to get your online marketing problems fixed.

Get in touch for FREE intake

For a FREE and non-obligatory brief intake call, connect with Quintus on LinkedIn.

Together we'll determine if the business coaching program is something for you. And in case it appears not from that call, it will cost you nothing; guaranteed.

Your Business Coach,


P.S. As every business and market is different, the actual performance and sales improvements as result of the coaching may vary. And when you do the exercises and follow up on the coaching sessions by taking action and confronting your money-blockers, you will have prepared yourself and your company for achieving your set goals and targets.


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