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Book Quintus' Corporate Hypnosis Workshop

Guaranteed a great catch to include for your business/corporate learning event

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Looking for a fun but effective, interactive speaker for your business or corporate event? It is time to reveal the mindpower your company employees or event audience of professionals currently hold untapped.

In about one hour's bookable workshop time, master hypnotist and corporate professional Quintus C. Hegie, MSc will practically guide your group of people to their first experience of utilizing trance states for hyper performing. You won't find this offering exclusive to corporates, business, startup/scaleups and professional congresses anywhere else in The Netherlands and beyond.

  • You want your business/corporate learning event to include a very interesting workshop that will remove limitations your people impose on themselves.

  • You are looking for a once-in-a-lifetime super cool bragging-rights personal development subject that naturally attracts the interest of your professional event/congres attendees: this mysterious thing called hypnosis.

  • You want to leave your event/congress attendees with a lasting and impactful positive experience they will never forget for the rest of their live.

Hi, my name is Quintus C. Hegie, MSc, master hypnotist specialized in corporate and professional trainings. Writing to you from the lowest place near Amsterdam, The Netherlands in Europe, where the only direction you can go is up Up UP!

I will be assuring your business/corporate event/congress to include a powerfull self-hypnosis workshop for superb self development and carreer advancement for your professional audience of conference attendees. In a guaranteed fun and safe way I will introduce your attendees to the benefits of learning some basic but cool self-hypnosis tools to become better people, better workers and better managers. In fact, they will 'earn back' the price paid and/or time invested on attending your event in tenfold, leaving your venue as a more powerful and confident person than how they showed up at your event.

So I look forward to hear from you as the event organizer to discuss the opportunities to include this workshop at your learning event.

Why a self-hypnosis workshop definitely positively surprises professionals

The strange thing is every speaker is telling your people what to do, safely addressing them from their stage. Maybe the speaker excites and amazes your attendees with great feel good catch phrases and 'did you know this strange fact' gimmicks. But when do your event participants actually get a real, personal experience that they can take home and benefit from for the rest of their life?

I hear a silence… some dust wind blowing… guess what the answer is WELL ALMOST NEVER.

Years ago I discovered the power and easiness of self-hypnosis for creating lasting personal change forever. When I was myself looking for ways to improve my personal and professional skills, I quickly noticed that most results depend on how you treat and operate your brain. But what do we do in normal life? We never train our brain, nor do we learn the most effective tools to operate our own mindsets for big success and effective work methods. You don't learn this in school, and you don't really learn this at work either. We just keep pumping the brain with new facts and gimmicks, avoiding any way to help people own their own growth.

I am working in corporate and start-up environments anyway as a top performing leading data analytics professional, so I know the drill and what is important for business to succeed. You know what it is, right, because you are organizing your event for them: It is their people, and even more so, the mindset of the people that are contributing to your company. Because when I see that even professionals subconsciously keep stepping on the brake of their true potential, then never your company will be able to compete with the other top 3 industry leaders. When you settle for 'normal' for your co-workers, you'll never be able to enjoy the true spirit of 'Work Hard Play Hard'.

The last few years I have developed a specialized kick-start workshop for businesses and corporates. If you are looking for a very nice boost on soft skills as part of your event or congress targeted at well educated professionals, this is the workshop you want to include. Presenting on stage and in an interactive way is something that I like doing, after I got rid of any fears a had before that on public speaking (you guessed it: using self-hypnosis technique!).

My self-hypnosis workshop is an unique experience in every way imaginable, because many people have heard about hypnosis, but don't know about how to actually use if safely for their own benefit and development. Your event attendees will leave with a life change forever for the better, as a whole new world of rapid learning and problem solving will have been introduced to them. The misconceptions many people have before experiencing my workshop: the wrong idea that hypnosis makes people do funny things without their permission or control, will be completely vanished. You and your attendees will discover this hidden gem of personal and professional development. This stuff is worth a lot of cash and at your event they'll get it for FREE!

How does hypnosis work?

Self-hypnosis works rapidly and instantly. The effects are long lasting, and get more permanent as you repeat the easy, simple, fun but effective exercises I teach the workshop attendees.

With my voice and gestures as a trained master hypnotist I will give your audience safely into their own states of trance, where hyper-performance and speed-learning becomes as easy as pie. And the good thing is that self-hypnosis focusses on the self: we won't be having other people do things for us (that would be a bad thing, because you want to stay in control of your own success!).

Hypnosis is easy and accessible for most people. The self-hypnosis tool helps you to choose the trance state on purpose instead of by accident. So for example when a professional employee is about to give a presentation about his work to management, then he or she can quickly access a trance state that will enable him/her to give a solid and clear convincing presentation.

Hypnosis can be initiated while seated, or standing or even while lying down. Although I would not recommend the participants to lie down during the workshop as they may decide to take a nice relaxing nap afterwards (and you want them back, actively joining the event/congress instead, right?). If you can listen to a speaker/narrator, follow simple suggestions, make basic body movements like lifting an arm or making a forward step with your legs without falling down, then hypnosis will very likely work for you.

Advantages over other methods

  • The main difference with for example meditation is that meditation works unguided, while with self-hypnosis you want a specific, directed outcome.

  • A difference with the highly related field of Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP) is that hypnosis directly works with the subconscious mind.

  • Compared to psychiatry, hypnosis focusses on effectively problem solving instead of extensive cause finding and problem re-experiencing.

  • And before we forget: the milestone ahead advantage of self-hypnosis over regular class-room teaching methods is that attendees will actually remember the subject matter also after the event.

Customizable experience

My workshop is customizable for your event main topic. Together with you as the event organizer and planner, we will make sure that your topic or theme is included in a customized experience for the attendees. Do not expect me to give your attendees a canned and prepped genuine presentation that has been chewed upon like gum by a teenager for hours; because I won't do that for you. Instead your event theme will be - shall we say - imprinted in the minds of your attendees.

Often the self-hypnosis workshop for instant professional growth is included in the event as one of the break-out sessions that attendees can choose to attend. So you'll probably have your main congress theme decided upon, and perhaps you already have a main opening speaker and some industry experts included in the schedule. And now you are looking for a few workshop options to include as the 2nd part of your day program.

As a pro-tip: look for a timeslot in your event schedule where people won't be returning to their daily work chorus directly after the workshop. Think more in timeslots like right before/after lunch, before afternoon drinks or a final plenary closing speach. No worries, when you allow yourself to be discussing with me the best way to include the workshop at your event we will together find the sweet spot.

Standard workshop layout

This is what you will get when you book my Corporate Hypnosis workshop for your business event/congress:

  • An army of professionals initiated with a first taste of the personal power to own their work and carreers, ready to sky-rocket boost their performance by their newly attained ability to overcome any obstacle or barrier they encounter.

This will be achieved in the following, very predictable steps that make up the workshop that you're booking with me for your event:

  • Your master corporate hypnotist, Quintus C. Hegie, MSc of course.

  • A brief spoken introduction about what is hypnosis and what to expect in the coming hour of the workshop.

  • Then I'll start with some basic imagination exercises for the attendees, which they will be performing in a combination of seated and standing positions.

  • Sharing briefly first experiences with each other, before continuing to the 2nd part of the workshop.

  • In-depth more lengthy self-hypnosis exercises, executed while standing and somewhat walking around in the room.

  • Another reflection moment for everyone in the group who feels safe and relaxed to optionally share their experience with the last exercises.

  • And I wrap up with teaching the attendees how they can trigger self-hypnosis for themselves after this workshop.

Tip: As the self-hypnosis workshop generally appeals to the workshop attendees, I recommend where possible to choose the extended version of the workshop. The extended workshop includes 15 to 30 minutes at the end for informal question & answers, and exchanging ideas and suggestions between the attendees. I highly recommend that!

Basic requirements for booking

There are a few caveats, or requirements so to say, that you will need to make sure are covered in your event setup.

I mainly work on location for corporates, business, enterprises, startups/scale-ups and professional events/congresses in The Netherlands. On occassion a workshop on a location easily reachable within a few hours by car, train or plane from Amsterdam or Rotterdam can be discussed (travel and stay expenses to be covered).

  • A one hour workshop timeslot (extendable to 1.5 hours if you want to include informal aftertalk).

  • A closed and quiet room where people are not interrupted or distracted during the workshop.

  • Tip: Find a great room on an excellent, truly amazing location for the added extra benefit for your attendees. Think skybox or room with a one-of-a-kind view.

  • Basic audio mic/speaker equipment so everyone can hear me loud and clear.

  • Between 10 to 40 attendees who signed up for this specific workshop (bringing the total workshop value for your attendees to an equivalent of €1,500-€6,000 or more).

  • A place where people can safely leave their stuff (laptops, phones, jackets).

  • A room setup with a main area for me as the speaker to be viewed, and an area with seats either in U-shape or otherwise enough spaced for attendees to switch between sitting and standing/walking around exercises.

  • Ideal room temperature and lighting control, and a clean floor for those who want to have the option to take of their shoes during some exercises.

  • Optionally drinks and snacks for the 15 to 30 minute informal after-talk where attendees share their experiences and exchange ideas.

  • Restrooms nearby (there are no toilet breaks during the workshop, except for at the end of the training).

No previous experience with hypnosis is required for you nor your attendees! That's what this workshop is about: Getting the introduction to self-hypnosis to solve any work challenges and problems with first-hand experience, from where you and your attendees can decide to study the subject further themselves.

Room Layout with Chairs Drinks and Snacks Afterwards
A typical workshop layout with drinks/snacks afterwards

Minimal requirements for workshop attendees

Note: For attendees to be able to register for the workshop, there are 2 conditions that are required to be met.

  1. One is the person must have an IQ of 75 or higher (the technical term for a person with an IQ below that is 'moron'). But as most if not all well educated professionals have been required to be able to read books and study complex texts, this will be an easy requirement.

  2. The other is that the workshop is not suited for people who currently have a parallic fear of any kind. But if your attendees are open to learn new things and in new ways not explored yet, and are not in treatment by any doctor/psychiatrist, this will probably be fine as well.

At the workshop itself, the attendees will be asked for their permission to experience being hypnotized by me during the workshop.

No professional healthcare advice

This introductory workshop for self-hypnosis is not a replacement for seeing a professional psychiatric aid or full hypnotherapy program. Please refer your event/congress attendees to their employer's or business's health care programs where needed to solve personal issues and limitations (such as healing traumatic experiences like burn-outs etc.). Note that my workshop helps people fix their work life, and not their personal bodies, although it could be a side effect benefit.

No stage show

Neither is my workshop entertainment only (as is the case with some stage hypnosis shows), but really meant for learning and education opportunity. Your attendees will get the hypnosis-for-breaking-business-success-barrier equivalent of about €150 to €250 price of an otherwise 1-on-1 session. This doesn't say that attending the workshop won't be fun!


As a master hypnotist I have introduced hundreds of people 1-on-1 to the power of using self-hypnosis techniques to boost per personal life and professional career. Also I have given several incompany and corporate event workshops on self-hypnosis to groups of well educated professionals. This means that however you think and feel about it, your attendees will definitely leave with these or even better results mentioned below.

"Overall I am satisfied and I enjoyed the whole procedure of self-hypnosis. More specifically, I enjoyed that we explored a new way to realize our problems and face them, maybe a better way to get to know ourselves and your guidance through that was really important. (…) Last but not least, I think that this brought us closer as team and it would be nice to have these kind of sessions more often, maybe also between the member of or team, in order to get to know each other better." – Anastasia
"What went good?
Everything went good, the hypnosis sessions beat my expectations by far, I truly enjoyed it and I found it a powerful way to work with your brain. To me it felt more like a guided meditation since hypnosis is a polarizing/strong word. Overall 10/10 experience!
What tips do you have?
Nothing about the session - but maybe what I stated above, that hypnosis is a strong word and you could brand this as a guided meditation/hypnosis.
Would you recommend to a friend and why?
Yeah I would highly recommend it to people I know are open to such experiences."
– Chris
"I found it a really good session yesterday! I have a few points / questions for you:
- I found it very well done how you could guide us at the end of the afternoon, you did that very naturally and competent.
- You're a natural and it was easy for me to go into trance, something I really admired and enjoyed.
- I would definitely recommend you to friends even though I would limit that to people who I believe would be welcoming this kind of development.
- You also read out a few points that - I believe - you did because of some obligation/liability when you do a session like this? For example about not operating a vehicle while having a trance session like this one?
I was wondering if we could use it as a team to solve certain challenges? I would really enjoy it if you could support our team (or part of the team) with this. Let me know if this idea appeals to you."
– David
"Thanks again! I really enjoyed it.
What went good: I consider myself a 'sober Groninger' who doesn't really have existing experience with mind fullness (probably relates to this if I am not mistaken?) and as I am always quite skeptical. But I noticed that when you are open to the idea, the hypnosist is very fun and valuable. Besides that I also think you are very good as a person (ability to transfer enthousiasm on the group)!
What tips do you have:
- Repeat the 3 questions when entering the door (I more or less forgot the third question).
- Make a connection (with specific examples) to the hypnosis we generally have heard about like "walk around like a chicken" examples. Is that really possible? And what is required for that? Besides that you are also wearing a hypnotic keychain etc. What can you do with that? What can the 'world's greatest hypnotist' do? Those kind of questions will be fun to (briefly) answer.
Would you recommend to a friend and why?
Yes! It is super much fun to learn one thing and another about hypnosis in just a short hour of time. You'll have to be open for the experience and don't have expectations. Ik think it will be very nice for teams/team events and the like. You could apply it to 'team struggles': How would we deal with this struggle in room 1, 2 and 3? And then have a conversation about that together etc."
– Jelmer
"I experienced the training as very valuable, but I have to note that it wasn't that easy for me to go into hypnosis as for example another attendee. For some reason my mind doesn't submit that easily (but that also tells something about me ๐Ÿ˜). I lost the story a bit at the part that you would sit on a table with advisors… But I thought it was really interesting and educable to experience.
Perhaps it will be useful to make small handouts to help you remember what steps that you have to do for self-hypnosis. On those handouts you could also print your company/contact details. ๐Ÿ˜‰"
– Kim
"Thanks a lot for the great session yesterday. I appreciate your passion and knowledge and how you shared the topic with people like us with no previous experience. Overall I feel that the way you structured the session really helped us to ease into it and start experiencing it in a very natural way. I think quite some people were laughing about hypnosis before starting but I am sure that a few were feeling uncomfortable not knowing what was going to happen, certainly due to how hypnosis is commonly depicted ๐Ÿ˜Š Nevertheless, you helped us experience it with great ease and guiding us constantly throughout the session. I appreciated that you explained things but also allowed people to have their own experience, describing it in their own words and accepting its outcome, as โ€œthere is no right or wrongโ€ as you said. Probably if I had to do it again, I would like to spend a little more time, perhaps 30 additional minutes, to really process and digest the exercises and their outcome. As we went out for drinks afterwards, I didn't take any time to absorb and process what we had just experienced in a very thorough way. Overall, I feel that the session really inspired me to practice hypnosis and know more about it. I can definitely imagine how beneficial it can be in so many aspects of my life. I will definitely follow up on what we learned yesterday and see what it has to offer. I believe you did great as a trainer, we could feel you passion for the topic and confidence in guiding us. I would definitely encourage you to offer sessions like these for other employees or other companies that might be interested. Thanks again!" – Marco
"I'm very grateful that you have given this opportunity for us to explore this new experience. I think everyone has their own experience from this session and something they can take out themselves. For me, I think it is a very peaceful session which allows me to really relax. Something really caught my attention, you have asked us to do a small exercise by turning our bodies by first opening our eyes and then close our eyes. I'm surprised that I have reached to a further point even previously I thought I have turned my body to the maximum angle. I'm so impressed by this exercise and it really shows me how we can limited by our own mind. I think this is a session I will benefit for rest of my life. Again, I'm very thankful for this unique experience. Of course I would like to share more if you are interested ๐Ÿ˜ƒ. You have asked us to keep it short haha." – Mavis
"What went good:
- Well prepared.
- There was a nice and logical progression in the whole workshop.
- Referring to the responses from the attendees and their enthousiasm and participation, it is evident that you were able to guide everyone very well.
- The switching (some theory, then a bit of workshop, and a joke and joyful note now and then) makes it easy to follow.
- Your own enthousiasm.
What tips do you have:
- You were reading some parts directly from your notes.
- Because of that you could have appeared less confident to the group than you are based on your knowledge and experience (it is something I also recognize for myself). Looking at the nice feedback on the first question above you may definitely appear more self confident to the group.
Would you recommend to a friend and why?
- When the subject would inspire them definitely!"
– Nils
"I found it very inspiring and during the course I noticed that I really attained another state of consciousness. Honestly I didn't expect this to be possible that fast ;) And once in that state, it was easy to quickly get back to that again. For example during the last session, I subconsciously arrived at music that I have listened to in the past and it felt more intense than listening music 'normally'. Thanks again for the good session!" – Stephan

So book your corporate self-hypnosis workshop Now! And upgrade your business event/congress with Quintus' one-of-a-kind soft skills session on learning your attendees to get more control over their mind set and work output. Contact him now on LinkedIn.

About Quintus Hegie

Portrait Quintus C. Hegie, MSc (38) works as an econometrician/data scientist for major Dutch financial institutions. Since 2007 he's also a master hypnotist, certified by Trucor in Las Vegas, with a specialization in enabling the true mindpower of professionals he meets all around his work. You can now book Quintus for a fun but inspiring introductory self-hypnosis workshop at your corporate event or professional congress.