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Instantly remove the hidden mental barriers to your location independent success

Remote or hybrid exclusive mind-training for location independent income earners & digital nomads

The 3 main topics I exclusively help you with - Mind Training by Master Hypnotist Quintus

Dear friend,

You are hitting an imaginary glass ceiling with your location independent endeavors. You know you should be able to get more out of your day. You want more high end clients, more high value work done fast, more personal joy, and more energy in enjoying the real rewards of your chosen maximum freedom lifestyle.

In theory you may know exactly what you need to do to get there (the so called hard-skills), but for some reason, you won't succeed in that.

Even though:

  • You may know the tricks of successful marketing…

  • …master by head the rules of getting things done fast,

  • …live in an environment that others would consider perfect happiness,

…and you have the general availability of sweet enjoyments, like not having to worry about dates & romance, quality food or nutrition, superb physical health, the best location independent friends and business connections, awesome places to hang out or party.

You are right:

  • Your freedom focused and international oriented work-and-live-from-anywhere lifestyle is a blast from the outside.

  • The challenge you have, my friend, is on the inside. That's why you can't see it or solve it just by yourself.

Your barrier to breaking free of limitless growth and enjoyment as a location independent earner is hidden in your subconscious mind.

Click here for the instant subconscious mind fix.

Something inside your mind is holding you back

Wouldn't it be cool if you were able to unlock your full potential by removing no longer needed mental limits from your mind?

And just be able achieve what you want to achieve, clearly, confidently and with passion?

To just be able to also enjoy the 'luxury' benefits that you have created for yourself?

Troubled thinking location independent earning man (source: Pexels)
"I am stuck in my mind. Something is holding me subconsciously back from what I want to achieve as a location independent earner."

The annoying thing may be that you are not able to find what's actually holding you back and stressing you out. And you are correct on that (I will tell you why in a sec).

But you may 'feel' something inside your mind is not right, not supportive any more for your location independent lifestyle.

  • It may be something from your past. A trauma. A wound that has not been healed.

  • Perhaps you carry a no longer supportive believe or conviction. Hey, you used to be a non-location independent person in the past, right? That old self still bugging you and holding you back.

  • Hell, your initial approach on how to live location independent lifestyle does not fully resonate with your true life purpose, setting you up for a new mental prison.

  • Anxious to ask for help and reach out for support if you are in a class or hard-skill training and struggle a bit? You are strong and independent right, you should be able to fix all things by yourself right? Wrong, so we fix that lone wolf syndrome.

  • Or you never allowed yourself to fully enjoy the good, the better and the best.

Click here for the instant subconscious mind fix.

The most overlooked solution that only a handful people know about

In order to achieve something or be someone like you have never achieved or been before, you'll need to upgrade your mental self also to a new level of consciousness minding.

Or as some random guy like Elon Musk used to write on the internet: "You go to school in life but where do you get to learn to properly program and debug your mental operating system?"

Elon Musk Tweet on Updating our Mind Software
When a great mind like Elon Musk states that we don't update our mind-software, then you know there is a problem

So if now would be the time for you for example…

then find yourself discovering about the greatest and most effective tool that exists on making that instant change mentally happen.

I'll refer to this tool as 'hypnosis', but some say they prefer the term 'trance work', 'subconscious healing' or 'mind-training'. Whatever name you'll give to this cute little pony, the fact remains that this fc*king works and at lightning speed as well.

Click here for the instant subconscious mind fix.

Instant gratification at its best

When you are like me, you don't like to spend time waiting for something to happen in say a month from now, when you could already enjoy the benefit from today.

Why wait? That's the excuse you had until now. No longer my friend.

Let me reach out my hand to you for a virtual greeting, and allow me to introduce myself. Because you are about to make a long awaited new super-self-development friend.

Click here for the instant subconscious mind fix.

Your master hypnotist mind-trainer and digital nomad friend

Master Hypnotist Quintus Hegie

Hello, my name is Quintus Hegie.

I have my primary living flag at the lowest point below see level in The Netherlands, Europe (next to the city of Gouda, known worldwide for its cheese brand).

Earn income remotely, hybrid and passively as well; as in multiple streams of active and passive income. What makes me tick (besides all the benefits of the location independent entrepreneurial lifestyle) is that I have learned the skill to instantly change subconscious minds, for good and for better.

And I love to have you break free from your limiting past beliefs and convictions. To have you fly baby fly into the sky of making magic happen in your life.

It is really a bless when I see someone like you develop, grow and be confident again in accomplishing your entrepreneurial and life goals. Because there is nothing wrong with you - you just got to learn a few tricks and techniques to make things work for you again. That's what puts smile of gratitude on my face as your 'fly-in' master hypnotist.

Click here for the instant subconscious mind fix.

Asking for help is OK

Self-development and personal achievement - especially for location independent entrepreneurs and digital nomads - can be a lonesome journey full of fear, anxiety, stress and uncertainty. And sometimes, some time today for example, you realize that by yourself you won't be able to tackle that locked-in challenge which has the key hidden to open doors to new frontiers in your subconscious mind.

Like I also learned the supreme skill of (self-)hypnosis from a premier renegade mind coach. I had to fly in across half the globe to Las Vegas, 🇺🇸United States, and another time to Bangkok, 🇹🇭Thailand for that. Because I didn't want to learn from a local based master hypnotist, but someone who is also making a location independent income, not afraid to stand out and have excellent track record.

That certification ain't cheap, that's why it is well worth it. It was (and still is) the best money I've spent in my entire life. I even had to borrow someone's credit card for it at that point in my life (though I would recommend you to use your own).

Fast forward 20+ years of subconscious mind-training experience, having coached hundreds and thousands of people in person or in groups with hypnotic healing for kick-ass life solutions. I started narrowing down my niche on the topics that I am really passionate about. Like the freedom focussed lifestyle of location independent earners and digital nomad. That just resonates with me.

Helping you get subconsciously fixed good time quickly now is just 'another average day in my virtual office', super easy and very very effective. Always customizing my trainings for your specific personal situation. So with investing in yourself it is perfectly OK to ask help from an expert trainer.

Client testimonial Paw (Budapest, Hungary) - Mind Training by Master Hypnotist Quintus

Click here for the instant subconscious mind fix.

Here is how this works

When you are ready now then schedule a free intake call with me. Just hit me up on LinkedIn or Instagram and write:

"Hi Quintus, my name is ___ and I reach out from ____. Can you perhaps help me with this thing 'X' I am struggling with? I believe the challenge must be in my subconscious mind. Fixing this would mean the world to me."

I'll happily investigate together with you if and how my 1-on-1 mind training for location independent earners would be a solution for your desired change. And if it ain't no fit this time, it costs you or your business no dime. The investment is tax deductible for most business and regions.

Examples what mind changes would definitely fit:

  • Double your productivity

  • Letting go of your past self-limiting beliefs

  • Healing trauma's that prevent you from having your own success

  • Learning to love being a location independent earner

  • Turbo charging your skill to learn new things and acquire new skills quickly

  • Command and resolve issues in your team of other freelancers

  • Easily meet and mingle in social networks and at nomad/expat events

  • Find the best answer to a complex life question and/or business decision

And so on.

Click here for the instant subconscious mind fix.

Nothing occult but everything effective about it

Before you go all oogie woogie voodoo and ask me if I can turn you into a chicken, sure, but let me disclose to you that so far only one person out of multiple thousands wanted to be like a chicken for a brief moment, while all the others gladly took the opportunity to decide on something way more useful to change themselves into. A very productive, happy, joyful location independent earner, enjoying what the world has to offer without limits, for example.

Become a happy and effective digital nomad again (source: Pexels)
"Happy to have found and fixed what has prevented me subconsciously from having an effective and great digital nomad life."

Contrary to other hypnotists, I work with radical change for the better using guaranteed safe and effective approaches that work. No bullshit, no added sugar, no conventional correctness.

You won't find other hypnotists offering you the same secret spell that works wonders. It's so effective for instant change, that there's a taboo on this tantric aspect and I cannot state it publicly or risk being blocked by the 'guild of maintaining the status quo and keeping people's mind closed from free thinking in getting what they want in life'. I discovered this spoken word spell in ancient tribal temples where courageous warriors and loving dames come together to free their mind naturally from externally-imposed limitations.

Click here for the instant subconscious mind fix.

How I remotely coach you comfortably inside your head

Oh and I work **exclusively** with location independent people like you. All you need is my voice to go with you and guide your subconscious mind to make the change. And after that you'll be able to continue by yourself.

Hence we do the coaching:

  • Either fully remote (you have a mobile/laptop, headset/earplugs/speakers, camera, and stable internet connection); or

  • hybrid like me flying in to your city (when you also have your apartment). For that added touch and impact.

The change you want happens in an instant. Do not worry, that will leave us with enough other things to fix in the slipstream of the remaining few planned sessions.

Click here for the instant subconscious mind fix.

Enough is enough; time to start your subconscious mind-fixing track

So do you want to chicken out and remain where you are, roasted for the purpose of feeding some other person's diner…

…or do you choose to take action for yourself and learn to turn your mind into a helpful goose that lays the golden eggs in your life?

Schedule a free call directly by sending me a DM on LinkedIn or Instagram.


Leave your details in the form below and I'll send you testimonials and other mental freebies as my closed-crowd email list subscriber.

Be the best! No more limits!

Your friend and fly-in location independent master hypnotist,

Mr. Quintus Hegie, MSc
The Netherlands (Europe)


P.S. My 1-on-1 mind-training seats are limited, as in say max 4 clients per period. I have a busy, versatile life, just like you also may have multiple ventures going on in your digital nomad or location independent income living. Rocking the earth with hypnotic mind training is one of those things I busy myself with. But I want to make sure my clients get full personal attention, so to keep my focus I want to limit the simultaneous seats.

Testimonial from Ravi Sandhu from IronWillTribe, Budapest, Hungary


P.P.S. The 1-on-1 mind-training can be fully online (which is available worldwide no matter where you live) or I can fly-in to your city. Below a list of pre-approved destination countries and cities. If your place is not yet on this list, do contact me for discussing options.

NEW: Exclusive Fly-In Coaching Available in Europe - Mind Training by Master Hypnotist Quintus Hegie
Globe Europe Map (source: Pexels)
Many destinations in Europe are pre-approved for fly-in
Pre-approved fly-in destinations
Country Cities Notes
🇦🇹Austria Vienna Rail-in, fly-in
🇧🇪Belgium Antwerp, Brussels, Liege, and all cities Drive-in, rail-in (no flight needed)
🇧🇬Bulgaria Sofia Fly-in
🇨🇿Czech Republic Prague Fly-in
🇭🇷Croatia Zagreb, Zadar, Split Fly-in
🇩🇰Denmark Kopenhagen Fly-in
🇪🇪Estonia Tallinn Fly-in
🇫🇮Finland Helsinki Fly-in
🇫🇷France Paris and all cities Drive-in, rail-in, fly-in
🇩🇪Germany Berlin, Frankfurt, Koln, Munich Drive-in, rail-in, fly-in
🇬🇮Gibraltar Gibraltar Fly-in
🇬🇷Greece Athens Fly-in
🇭🇺Hungary Budapest Fly-in
🇮🇪Ireland Dublin Fly-in
🇮🇹Italy Rome, Milan, Pisa, Venice, Bologna and a few cities Fly-in
🇱🇻Latvia Riga Fly-in
🇱🇹Lithuania Vilnius Fly-in
🇱🇺Luxembourg Luxembourg and all cities Drive-in, rail-in, fly-in
🇲🇨Monaco Monaco-Ville Drive-in, rail-in, fly-in
🇳🇱The Netherlands Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, The Hague, Leiden, Delft, and all cities Drive-in, rail-in (no flight needed)
🇳🇴Norway Oslo Fly-in
🇵🇱Poland Warsaw, Krakow Fly-in
🇵🇹Portugal Porto, Lisbon, Faro Fly-in
Principality of Sealand* The Fort Sail-in (after royal approval)
🇷🇴Romania Bucharest Fly-in
🇷🇸Serbia Belgrade Fly-in
🇸🇮Slovenia Ljubljana, Bled Fly-in
🇸🇰Slovakia Bratislava, Kosice Fly-in
🇪🇸Spain Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Ibiza (island) Fly-in
🇸🇪Sweden Stockholm Fly-in
🇨🇭Switzerland Bern, Geneva, Zurich Fly-in
🇬🇧United Kingdom London, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle upon Tyne Fly-in, Sail-in


P.P.P.S. If you have been referred by someone personally, please state that clearly in our call for the priority lane treatment.

About Quintus Hegie

Portrait Quintus C. Hegie, MSc (40) works as a location independent econometrician/data scientist for major Dutch financial institutions. Since 2007 he's certified by Trucor in Las Vegas as a master hypnotist, with a specialization in enabling the true mind-power of professionals he meets in his network of location independent earners, remote workers and digital nomads. You can now contact Quintus for exclusive 1-on-1 mind-training for fixing your subconscious challenge in further growing your own business.


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  • Paid on-site group mind-training & 1-on-1 remote videocall consultations (Google™ Meet, Microsoft™ Teams, Zoom™, etc.) available

  • Message me on LinkedIn (for Public Speaking Opportunities) or Instagram (1-on-1 Coaching)

Find yourself voluntary filling in & submitting this activation form

N.B. You'll need to confirm your free subscription by clicking the link in the e-mail sent to you. If you did not receive an e-mail please double-check the correct spelling of your e-mail addres, check your commercial mailings box or junk folder. Unsubscribe at any time to cancel your growth path and revert back to boring average.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click on question to see the answer.

For whom?

Any person with a regular or above average IQ, who is free from extreme fears, and that is serious about self-development, personal achievement and growth. I focus on location independent earners and digital nomads or hybrid workers/entrepreneurs. That is because this group will have the added benefit of making lots more money professionally when they fix their personal mental struggles in their subconscious mind. You'll have to be open for the opportunity to become your best self by committing to the change you want.

Methods of payment?

You can pay by online bank transfer, creditcard (PayPal) and BitCoin. The invoice will generally be in euro's. We have bank accounts in several different currencies if you want to safe on currency exchange fees. The money transferred must have been legally obtained.

Why fly-in?

Super achievers like you value their time a lot. So the less effort for you to get the instant subconscious mind change that you want the better. To save you all the time and hassle to come to my hypnosis mind training practice, instead 'I fly-in to your place'. As I then also find you in your natural habitat, the training will be even more effective as we clean out any other crap that's preventing you from having success and that you didn't notice yourself.

Fly-in training location requirements?

The same as remote training and coaching, but with additional options for me as the master hypnotist to stay around. We can have the training sessions in your room, apartment, a rented space (like a flex work room), and for the higher-earners at your penthouse, yacht, charter plane, holiday home etc. When I stay over at your venue then of course basic lodging facilities like bed, bathroom, kitchen, internet and remote work-desk access.

Minimum technical requirements?

Stable internet connection for video calling (e.g. over Google Meet or Zoom) with low latency. A portable device like a laptop or smartphone. Earbuds preferred over speakers. A room where you can do the exercises without outside disturbances. A chair with support for your back and/or neck.

Which countries and cities?

Online coaching available worldwide. Fly-in coaching available in selected countries and cities (see the list on this page). If your location is not on the list yet, please ask for opportunity then we check if we can make it work for you.

What if you are a 'special'/'different' case?

No worries, we'll check at the free intake if subconscious mind training is for you. I don't care a lot about what you want to change about yourself, as long as it doesn't involve hurting people and animals and it's not breaking the law. Do you want to be like a strong superman? Fine. Do you want to be like that odd controversial rockstar? Fine. Do you have a secret fetish outside your work? Fine. Do you consider yourself gay, are you perhaps into bisexual women or is non-monogamous relationships your thing? Fine. Are you a more introverted person that is a bit shy, less socially savvy and prefers to be alone? Fine. Are you making tons of money already with little effort and much free time already, and you only drive expensive luxury cars or have your own helicopter or plane? Fine. Do you want the mind training to happen in your private jet or on your private yacht? Fine. Do you want no-one else to know about the training? Fine.

Personal safety?

Life training is the best option, and remote coaching is perfectly safe also. We will ask you some check questions at the intake to ensure the most safe experience. The worst that can happen is that you'll feel a bit sleepy during/after the session. But you cannot get 'stuck' in trance, don't worry. Even when our internet connection would drop, you'll be able to waken up.


The financial investment depends on the issue we solve. Please request a free intake call to obtain a personalized quote. The 1-on-1 mind training is affordable but definitely not cheap. You get what you pay for, and you know that as a location independent earner you don't want to save a buck on money to reap a lot of problems in poor training. You want to invest your time and money smartly with the right expert people for a good return quickly.

Deductible as business expense?

Yes, based on the country of your business you may deduct the full amount as business expenses and you may be eligible to get back the tax. Please check with your local tax consultant and bookkeeper.


The training is 1-on-1, customized and fully confidential. You are not obligated to share anything to the world about the training. I will ask you for a testimonial, and I would love that you're up for that, but don't feel compelled to say yes to that. Some clients purposefully choose to share our training results, for example to their customer base, because that alone can also make them a lot of extra new business. For my training I will have to be able to identify you (so that I know I am training the proper person).

For men, women or both?

This stuff works for all genders. If your trauma appears to be gender-specific, no worries, then I work with that. For my professional coaching I can infuse the customized trainings with the latest insights from working with masculine/feminine energetic healing.

Question not mentioned?

Subscribe to the newsletter via the form and ask your question there. Of directly contact me via one of the social media channels.