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Hire Quintus C. Hegie

Fill out this form to inquire for hiring Quintus C. Hegie, MSc to work at your company.

As I get many job offering requests from recruiters and HR-managers, I have put together an interactive self-service instrument to cut out the weed from the perls in job offerings.

Filling out this form will help you instantaneously discover if your job offering may be suitable for me in the first place.

After you submit the form below, I will carefully evaluate your answers and get in touch with you to discuss further on the opportunity.

Job details

Job details

Happy to hear you may have found a new opportunity for me! So, tell me a little bit about the job/position.

Working at certain types of departments I favor more over others. Departments like Analytics, Finance, IT, Marketing, Risk I do know well. My interest changes over time, as I am curious about getting an insight into working at different departments.

Most of my job alerts are triggered by keywords such as 'econometrics', 'data science' and/or 'advanced analytics' appearing in the job descriptions. Though mind you that I get the feedback that I am perceived as an excellent left and right brainer, linking both the rational (analytical) part with the emotional (business) sense of communication.

Experience level:

I have founded and scaled-up several start-up businesses as owner, where I employed trainees, juniors and mediors. Also I have worked at various medium and large size enterprises in specialist roles, including on-the-job coaching of trainees/juniors.

Skills and topics

What skills and topics are commonly looked for in this job position? This is no random list, but a list composed of my preferences and familiarity.


What industry is the company mainly active in, relating to the position offered? The list shows suggestions that at least have some relation with my line of work.

Employment conditions


Historically I have worked only at fixed positions, in full or in part-time combination with running a business. Most temporary positions I did take on where on consultancy (freelance) project basis (I'll create a specific form for that later on).

Main working location:

Often I try to find a mix between physically meeting and catching up with colleagues at the office, visiting branches and/or customers to gain live feedback from field observation, and some days working remotely/from home to finished boxed tasks with my full focus and attention.

Working hours (per week):

At large corporates, 36 hours seems to be the Full Time Equivalent (FTE). Though families and other busy professionals often work 32 hours.

If your desired option is not listed, that probably means that a consultancy project or entrepreneurial joint venture construction may have a better fit. For consultancy and business venturing reach out on LinkedIn.

Salary compensation (excluding benefits):

In business life, nothing comes for free, except perhaps a free get-to-know-me meeting with me. It is often said, that you get what you pay for, so that is why top companies and top leaders pay their team well. So it is time to rise to the challenge if you are serious about performance.

Please indicate the salary compensation in euro's, on a yearly basis, excluding benefits and/or a 13th month.

Languages spoken & written

What languages are spoken and written in your business? Please only tick the boxes for the common languages.

Company details

Company details

Please fill in with regard to the regional employment opportunity. Recruiters need to fill in the target company, not their own recruitment company.

If your company has a dedicated employment page (with vacancies for example), you may enter that website instead of your regular website.

In Holland, the Randstad seems to be the primary physical office city location for me, as it is easily reached by both car and train. That would make provinces/states like 'Zuid-Holland' (Rotterdam, Den Haag), 'North-Holland' (Amsterdam) and 'Utrecht' (Utrecht) familiar options.

Most companies at least have a branch in The Netherlands. But since working-from-home now evolved as a new norm, other countries such as the United Kingdom, Belgium / Luxembourg (Benelux), Germany and Switerzland come into reach. Let's see where the close-by Rotterdam-The Hague airport flies upon…

Contact details


Tell me who you are so I can get back to you. I'll also look you up on LinkedIn.

Please enter your direct business email.

I'm located in the Netherlands. So I assume that you will supply a Dutch phone number. If you want to enter a phone number from abroad, please type it in the international format including country dialing code.

Your role in this matter.

So, what was your main reason to find and contact me for this job opportunity?


Bots beware

Please answer this question so that we have more certainty you are a human.