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Interested in purchasing a product or service from me?

Here's an indicative price list for services rendered. As well as instruction on how to get it.

Price list

Indicative price list
Product/service Description Price range Order
'Wandel Jezelf Gelukkig'
(the book)

A self-coaching book about how to find back your happyness again after getting stuck in your life.

Currently available in Dutch language only. English readers can subscribe to pre-release list.

(including tax and shipment within The Netherlands)
ordering information
'Wandel Jezelf Gelukkig' experience

A 1 to 3 hours experience stand at your event (e.g. congress) where people can experience the 3D virtual self-coaching forest-walk serious gaming experience on a mini-stepper and/or dance-mat controller.

€369,- to 498,-
(excluding tax, travel expenses, media/wifi, booth)
booking information
Quantitative Consulting
(temporary project)

Temporary project/assignment (1 to 6 months) on helping your business grow on advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Hybrid/remote working possible.

For projects up to 16 hours per week.

Starting from €150,- per hour
(excluding tax and travel expenses)
inquire on LinkedIn
Lead Data Analytics Team
(job position/role)

Hire Quintus as a Lead Data Analytics team member and get some advanced analytics programs up and running. Hybrid/remote working possible.

For roles up to 32 hours per week and for at least 1 to 3 years.

Negotiable request a quote
Startup Entrepreneur Coaching

Total of max 6 sessions of max 1 hour each on coaching startups and entrepreneurs in growing their business.

Available for up to 3rd degree network connections only.

(excluding tax and travel expenses), no refunds
inquire on LinkedIn
Scaleup & Corporate Coaching

Total of max 6 sessions of max 1 hour each on coaching scale-up founders and corporate managers to unleash unnatural growth in their company.

Available for up to 2nd degree network connections only.

(excluding tax and travel expenses), no refunds
inquire on LinkedIn
Professional Book Review

I read your educational book and I write a professional review on it (for examples, see books) that you can use to promote and sell your book faster and more often.

The book must qualify my criteria for being worthy of my review. I mainly select by topic, e.g. topics that I have some experience in so that I give a honest and informed review.

(excluding tax) per title
inquire on LinkedIn
Corporate Self-Hypnosis Workshop
(small group)

A fun and helpful introductory workshop of 1.5 hours in which Master Hypnotist Quintus trains up to 30 employees to boost their career with kick-ass instant problem solving skills and much more.

Perfectly safe bookable experience for corporates and enterprises where it is possible to incorporate your event/congress theme into the professional session.

(excluding tax and travel expenses)
more info & booking

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