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Visie Nederland

The Netherlands may be brighter, more ambitious and sustainable

VisieNL supports leadership development for young generation talents


VisieNL is a platform for talented young people - from all different fields and backgrounds, who come together to formulate a vision for the Netherlands and who further develop their leadership skills.

It is an initiative to make the Netherlands more sparkling, ambitious and sustainable.

VisieNL wants to achieve this by bringing together young, inspiring and involved potential leaders with different backgrounds and views in order to:


To quickly learn more about VisieNL, watch the following short videos.

VisieNL Weekend 2008 covered by Een Vandaag television (Holterberg, 15-Oct-2008)
VisieNL presenting first results at the SER (The Hague, 12-May-2009)
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A beautiful Holland

In 2020 we live in a beautiful Holland. An ambitious society - because we assume infinite possibilities for everyone. Because we all use our talents to the best, everyone is actively involved in the society. Our positive attitude is an inspiration for the Netherlands itself and the world. We think in possibilities.

Anchor Compass

In 2020 we live in a beautiful Holland where sustainability in the broadest sense is embraced and taken for granted. The leaders of the Netherlands take the long-term vision for their decisions and responsibilities.

Hearth Napsack

In 2020 we live in a beautiful Holland, a country that is innovative and entrepreneurial. We no longer think in terms of problems and crisis, but in terms of challenges and opportunities. We innovate, are smart and nimble.

Suitcase Lighthouse

In 2020 we live in a beautiful Holland, a country that also in changing reality remains social as before. We are engaged, connected and responsible: in our own neighborhood and beyond. We give and take responsibility and we have trust in each other and in our society.

This is the Holland where we want to stand up for. This is the Holland where we want to test every decision we take now and in the future to.

~~ This is a beautiful Holland. ~~

VisieNL Synthesis

Mentality chapter at Visie Nederland

Mentality chapter at Visie Nederland.

IkBenDieVerandering (I Am That Change)

IkBenDieVerandering Logo

There's something we need to concern ourselves about more than economics or the environment: solidarity, tolerance and respect. Via IkBenDieVerandering.nl (IAmThatChange) we want to bring citizens of The Netherlands together who want to see this changed. We want to stop looking at others, and to start contributing ourselves to a fantastic Holland.

Contribute to a positive change in The Netherlands and inspire others to do the same.